Why It Is Important To Keep Your Car’s ADAS Calibration Updated

When it comes to ADAS calibration, there is no substitute for the accuracy and reliability of a Hunter wheel balancer and alignment machine. ADAS systems are designed to help drivers maintain safe driving conditions by offering assistance with vehicle stability, lane keeping, and adaptive cruise control features. ADAS systems rely on the accuracy of camera sensors and other electronic components that must be calibrated correctly in order for them to work properly. 

The Hunter wheel balancer machine uses patented technology to measure wheel weight, diameter, circumference, backspacing, offset, and camber angle — all essential ADAS calibration parameters — ensuring that your car remains stable at high speeds. This ADAS calibration process helps to reduce driver fatigue while improving fuel efficiency and overall vehicle performance.

The Hunter wheel alignment machine can also measure ADAS calibration parameters, such as toe and thrust angles, camber angles, caster angles, steering wheel angles, and wheelbase. This ensures that your car’s ADAS is always calibrated correctly for optimal performance.

By keeping your ADAS calibration up to date with regular use of the Hunter wheel balancer and alignment machines you can ensure that your car will remain safe while on the road. Not only this, but it is also necessary to maintain ADAS calibration in order to benefit from features such as lane-keeping assistance or adaptive cruise control. Regular ADAS calibration helps to keep you safe while driving by ensuring that all ADAS systems are performing as expected.

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