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Wheel Alignments

The Importance of a Wheel Alignment

A proper wheel alignment is having the wheels of your vehicle set and adjusted so that these are all parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. Having all the wheels properly aligned should be part of your regular car maintenance to ensure safe road traveling. Wheel alignment is dependent upon three primary angles of the wheels – camber, caster, and toe. The camber is the angle, in degree measurement, at which the wheels are perpendicular to the road surface. Caster is the angle made in relation to the wheel’s pivot, and when properly set, it ensures straight traveling, without pulling to one side. Toe is the angle made in relation to the difference between the tire when either pointing in or out and the car’s centerline. Having a regular check of your car’s wheel alignment ensures your car is in tip-top, safe condition while running on the road, and also saves you from costly repairs.

Benefits of Wheel Alignment

Safety and efficiency is of utmost priority when driving your vehicle. Wheel alignment gives you the advantage of road safety, smooth driving, prolonged lifespan of your car tires, and improved gas mileage. If overlooked, unaligned wheels may cause uneven tire wear, which results in your car being pulled to either side, while it is running. Uneven tire wear may also lead to other mechanical troubles, such as problems in steering and suspension. We offer four wheel alignment, front wheel alignment, and rear wheel alignment, in accordance with your car maker’s specifications. All services are done by certified experts

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