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Steering and Suspension System

The Importance of Steering & Suspension

A comfortable driving and riding experience is brought about by the vehicle’s steering and suspension systems. These 2 interrelated systems are responsible for giving you a better handle and control of your vehicle all the time, thus ensuring your safety as well. The suspension system and all its components at work, such as springs and shock absorbers, help minimize friction between the tires and the road surface and soften the impact of road bumps, vibrations, and noises. At the same time, the suspension system helps put tires firmly in contact with the ground to provide traction. This allows for a comfortable ride and safe driving. The steering system enables you to guide your vehicle with full control. Aside from the normal stress applied over time to the vehicle caused by road conditions (humps, bumps, potholes), careless driving, off-roading also contributes to the wearing out of the components of the steering and suspension systems. Our well-trained staff is on hand to serve your steering and suspension needs, such as inspection of the different components, ball joint replacement, inner tie rod & outer tie rod replacement, shocks replacement, struts replacment, and more.

Benefits of Steering and Suspension System

Signs that tell you it is time for a professional check of your steering and suspension systems include the following: uneven tire wear; loss of control while steering; car pulling to one side; vibration, bouncing, or swaying. These signs may also indicate problems with the alignment of the wheels. Whatever you may notice, you must bring them immediately for an inspection. Any minor issues left unfixed may further lead to major, costly repairs down the road, and worse, compromise your safety on the road. Having your steering and suspension systems regularly checked and maintained ensures a longer life for your vehicle, and is cost-saving.

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