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Starting, Charging & Batteries

The Importance of Starting, Charging & Batteries

Starting your car’s engine and charging its battery to keep it running involves the use of electricity. Two systems are at work to regulate the flow of electricity within the different components: the starting system, which consists of the battery, a starter motor, and a starter solenoid which switches on energy from the battery to start the engine; the charging system, which consists of the alternator and voltage regulator. The alternator keeps the electrical energy flowing from the battery – where the electrical energy is stored – to the different parts of the car needing electric power, and ensures the battery is fully charged. The regulator controls the output of voltage that is supplied. The whole process is a cycle, so each component of these two systems should be in excellent condition to make your car going.

Benefits of Starting, Charging & Batteries

The importance of maintaining all component parts of your car’s starting and charging systems cannot be overemphasized. Each component has its own function and is a critical link to the whole electrical process, so a failure in one component may not make your car start or run. It is highly recommended that you have your vehicle’s starting and charging systems, and battery regularly checked. Some warning signs to be alert to are slow cranking, no cranking from the starter, dim headlights, weak or dead battery.  Contact us to avail of our services for a thorough and/or routine check of your starting and charging systems, or for alternator replacement, battery replacement, and starter replacement.

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