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Road Force Balancing

The Importance of Road Force Balancing

Have you ever witnessed a vibration in your steering wheel while driving along the highway or speeding down the country backroad? Well, then it’s a sign that your vehicle may have a wheel imbalance or a road force variation that’s causing a vibration.

To maximize your vehicle comfort and extend the wheel life, at Saw Mill Auto Alignment, we offer road force balancing services in Yonkers, New York, Westchester County, and its surrounding areas. We carefully inspect and fix the vibration issues caused by out-of-round tires, weight imbalance, force variation, and other related problems.

What is Road Force Balancing?
Almost all wheel balance requirements outline tire and wheel imbalance issues like tread wear and vibration. While a conventional tire balancer can spot and fix weight distribution issues within the wheel assembly, it isn’t designed to navigate other triggers of vibration.

That’s why we use Hunter Road Force Elite Wheel Balancer to determine the position and right amount of imbalance of your vehicle or wheel assemblies. This system detects weight imbalance alongside the other causes of vibration effectively that a regular wheel and tire balancer cannot do.

Understand Our Road Force Elite Wheel Balancer

  • Conduct a comprehensive road force test and balance quicker than any traditional system
  • Prevent error possibilities with a patented vision mechanism
  • Resolve vibration issues and offer all new car rides using a problem-solving load roller
  • Increase efficacy with smart weight technology
  • Ensure proper centering and true self-calibration
  • Measure wheel dimensions, choose weight mode and calculate rim runout

Road Force Balance in Westchester County & Yonkers
We always recommend having your wheel alignment checked at least once a year to determine potential issues. Whether you are overdue for an alignment, want to know the road force balance cost, or have any related queries, schedule an appointment with us today.

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